“Zenith Cross”

Back when I was in High School, there was always a constant struggle for me to find where I belonged.  The only thing I knew for sure, was that I loved cartoons.  American cartoons, Japanese Cartoons both.  I loved to watch it and I loved to read them in comic book form. I learned to draw from Middle School at a slow pace where everything was self-taught for me.  I didn’t have a proper art teacher until High School so everything was random.  I didn’t know what the correct terms like vanishing point was or what drawing a Still-Life was.  I didn’t understand Realism or Impressionism.  Things became a bit complicated.  I really just wanted to do my own thing.

During my Junior year in High School when nearly everyone was interested in Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, N Sync and 98 Degrees, and Break Dancing (We 90’s kids), I was only interested in being free from drama and attention and mingle casually with my friends, creating a network of friends and building bridges so to speak.  I made friends with a few guys who also liked anime and cartoons as much as I did.  In fact, I knew of a lot more about anime than they did and was introducing them to new ones each week.  (Meaning to say that I was the bigger nerd haha.) One of them called me their “Sempai” or Upper Classman, not only because I was one grade above them, but I also knew how to speak Japanese and showed them interesting facts about Japan and anime.  They’re not Japanese though haha.  Just really sweet nerds with a common hobby.  And they were guys.  I had many girl friends at the time, but they all had their own thing and personal hangout places.  I was just a loner by choice.  I also, played a lot of video games, which they all shared a love for as well. By mid Junior year, they nominated me to become the President of the Anime Club.  Something they thought of and put together just because of their passion for the subject.  I was flattered but, I also didn’t know the first thing about being President of anything.  I never ran for Class President or Treasurer; I don’t even know the first thing about it.  All I knew, was come to school, talk about anime, spread news about another anime and research more about it.  How did such a thing become political? (Is everything political nowadays?)   Nearly everyday, we met and talked about something new or interesting that we learned.  An anime MOVIE or TV special or Manga (Japanese comic book) that was just published; anything.

I was in an Art Academy, so we also preparing to present our Senior Project for graduation the following year. I decided that my project would be a long work of fiction.  I presented my idea to my instructors and explained in detail how it would be put together.  I was aiming for a 2 volume work of 10 Chapters each, and with each chapter spanning up to 12-13 pages.  I had big plans 🙂  Executing the plan wasn’t very hard because, by that time I had already started working on a story on my spare time.  I ended up working late through the night, from the time I get home, to 12AM or 1AM.  By this time, my project was consuming most of my day to day activities, so I wasn’t as present in the Anime Club as I should have.  I went to a few Delegate meetings, where too many Club Presidents and Class Whatevers, were talking about Fundraisers and Community Activities.  We had no intention of making the Anime Club into something that would be monetized.  We just wanted to have a place where we could come together and talk about a common thing.  As this seemed to be Club without priorities, they said we were not “Bringing anything to the table”.  We just sort of thought that, having the freedom to come together, be a part of group and spreading fun and interesting knowledge was a good priority in itself, however, this was becoming too conflicting with the school rules, we decided to disband the Club. At the time, this was our best choice because I was having difficulty concentrating on my Senior Project and manage the Anime Club at the same time.  We still spent time together as a group, walking around campus on certain days, just catching up.  We all had to tell ourselves that Graduation was near and that focusing on that would be more important than running a Club.  And we could just meet up on the weekend or something once a month to catch up.

In the end, I completed my Senior Project and received an “A”! Yeaah! 🙂  I was extremely ecstatic and felt like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders and breathing was a lot easier.  I graduated High School a few weeks after that.


Above: 5 year old manuscript I wrote for Zenith Cross along with Character analysis, Plots, and Academy Curriculum.

The following weeks, I remembered feeling like I lost something.  I didn’t write anymore because it seemed pointless and there was no longer a purpose.  That was when I realized that writing was a part of me now.  I was 17 years old, in college and without the slightest clue where I would go next.  I felt like a part of me was fading away-a good part of me that I hated to see lost forever, so I decided to write again.  I was taking Art and English Composition in college, and we had plenty writing assignments, but none that interested me the way my old way of writing interested me.  I wrote the first chapter of this new story, and a title wasn’t immediately grasped yet because I usually have so much trouble with Titles.  (I had a hard time coming up with a name for my son, and his name starts with an “A”!)  Eventually, I came up with the title, Zenith Cross.  For about 3 years when I was writing this book, I was heavily influenced by reading Alchemy, Science, Feng Shui and Periodic Table for some reason.  And world mythology was definitely a big influence because I depended on it to help me come up with ideas for events in my stories.  To this day, Zenith Cross isn’t finished yet.  All due to the fact that I had other occurrences in my life that forced me to pause my work.  Now, I am able to continue my work and go on writing again.  I’ve already come up with ideas for more stories, but my brain thinks faster than I could write or spell.  Now, learning to put things together is becoming easier, and no longer a task but a hobby.  I am very hopeful that Zenith Cross will be published in the year 2017.  Very soon 🙂


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