<3 To 2017 And Beyond <3

Good Morning Pooh! ❤

Today, my son's alien alarm clock beeped at 6:00 AM, Military Time.  I've been awake all night working on my book and also coming up with ideas for my blog.  Not only to introduce my upcoming book, but as well as fun everyday-life type of blog.  This should be fun 🙂

Finally got Aaron use to brushing his teeth with this cute Lion suction cup tooth brush holder-it's soooo cute! ❤

As you can tell from his toothbrush, my son is a pretty big Avengers fan 🙂  Which is why this gummy multivitamin is the only one he will take.

It doesn't seem to have iron however, but we've been fortunate that Aaron has better appetite.  Two years ago, Aaron needed to be hospitalized after we found out he was severely anemic.  At first we were scared it would be Thalassemia, which is an inherited blood disorder (Google, Wikipedia and MedMD has good info for research if anyone is interested in learning.) I, myself had been diagnosed with anemia at a young age too and vividly remember those times my parents had to hold me down to feed me the liquid iron solution.  Not very fond memories, in case you've never tasted that specific vitamin before.  I'll probably devote an entire blog to this soon.

After a breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausage Aaron and I went to our favorite places today! 🙂  Target.  Barnes&Nobles and Gamestop

At the end of our nice day out today, we took 5 bags of toys that Aaron was willing to part with, over to the nearby Goodwill.  I was pretty sick recently this month and meant to take new toys to a Seattle Children's Hospital toy drive but I couldn't go 😦  I hope these toys will bring happiness to children and touch their hearts the way I hope it touched Aaron's heart the first time I bought them for him.


I also treated myself to a few new lovelies 🙂  Makeup products that I have put aside from purchasing to use my money for more important things.  A little self indulgence is never bad 😦

And this was our Day in a nutshell.  Simple, carefree and fun.

At the end of our day, we should be able to sit back and replay our day with a smile, knowing that we ourselves made this day positive. Though there have been days in memories past, that weren’t always positive-we still remember that negativity. It’s only human to remember things that we want to forget. Even though it can seem hard to do, just do the best you can with what you have. Remember that you make your days count. No one else.

Much Love,
Vannary Sea


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