“The Good Old Days”

Now that we are in the month of February, the second month of the new year, we’ve just finished celebrating Chinese New Year. Believe it or not, my family and I are a mixed race of Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Try taking these days off for celebrating without your teacher thinking you’re lying about your nationality. I have both a Chinese and Cambodian dress but, I don’t have a Vietnamese one. They’re all beautiful in their own way and I do what I can to remember my heritage.

When this year started, I learned about something called a “Vision Board”. It’s basically a poster-board with pictures that you find in magazines or anywhere you find appropriate to cut from as long as it represents what you hope to achieve, embody in the future. Things like goals and such to help you envision your way through the year in order to get you to be where you want to be.


For me, I envisioned myself becoming a stronger person through the hard-work I see myself doing this year.  Through my blog, my devotion to my family, my embracing of my heritage and also a thirst to broaden my horizan and do something challenging, as well as travel overseas to somewhere I always always dreamed of going, like London England 🙂 I also see myself eating fugu, a Japanese cuisine made from the poisonous puffer fish.  I first need to find a really skilled chef who works at a restaurant with a good reputation of not killing customers with sub-par, mediocre precision fish fillet.  Where am I going to find that in Seattle?




So in order for me to achieve anything I have up on my Vision Board, I need to work extra hard.  I upped my Calendar-game and made it into anew hobby to get me into putting in the leg work every week.  Here, I watched a few DIY calendar decoration videos on Youtube and fell in love with the way the girls did them, so I took that as inspiration to work on my own calendar year, to hopefully help me achieve what goals I set out for myself.  Hopefully some of these a something I am definitely going to achieve because I did my best to keep these goals realistic and within my current power to complete.  Traveling to London might take more than a year or two, and eating fugu might not be something I’ll do until the end of next year as small New Years Resolution to try new exotic food.

I also made sure that my own and my family’s financial booklet is kept precise and accurate, which is really a way for me to learn to stay organized, especially when it comes to something as important as taxes-which I am going to have to do very, very soon.


This past week as has been interesting in a way.  I am learning new things about Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy-of course I contact people who work in this job description when I worked at Overlake and Swedish but I never truly understood their jobs until they showed up to help my grandmother with her Physical Therapy assistance.  Back around 2007-2008 when my grandmother suffered a stroke and brain tumor removal, she was in need of physical therapy to help her gain some of her strength back or at least to a good enough level where she is able to stand and walk on her own.  At the time, the Physical Therapist that came to see her didn’t really do much of a job now that I think about it.  Of course, back then I knew nothing of the Medical Field because I hadn’t gone to school for Medical Assistance yet.  She didn’t give is handouts or examples of examples that we could keep to use to train grandma.  She barely helped with walking exercises.  I just feel like my grandmother lost precious recovery time because off it.  She had since, become more and more dependable on her four legged walker, and is very fearful of losing her balance and falling.  These days,  thanks to my training as a Medical Assistant, I am very aware of things-as in seeing things from the medical professional point of view, as an engineer would of solving problems with technology or architecture.  Now we are all trying to be more aware of my grandmothers needs when it comes to her health.

Back to my Vision Board now.  I have been going through boxes and boxes of my old things.  Things I saved from way way back-as far back as High School. The most important thing I saved was my story, Zenith Cross, which I saved on a floppy disc at the time.  As you can see below, these were the colorful versions.


It’s pretty special to me now just because of the personal value it has to me and the many nights I spent up until early in the mornings when first light appeared through my window curtains.  I was typing and typing away, my fingers rarely feeling tired.  I would yawn dozens of times through the night as I’m working before I feel like it’s time to lay my head down and rest.  I also remembered many nights of video game play-throughs with games like Final Fantasy 7, Alundra and Resident Evil 2.  unnamed-21

This part of my bedroom is dedicated to my game media.  All of which, is Final Fantasy 7 🙂 This game was released in 1997 and I was just about to start High School to become the tomboy everyone knew.  Sadly, from 2006 through 2015, I had lost my love for video games or Japanese manga, which I had a habit of purchasing one every single week, breaking my bank account and my moms too. My bookshelf would not exist today without my mom feeding my addiction.  Now, 2017, I am doing everything I can to revive my love for manga and video games again, and at the same time, remembering that there a large portion of my life which I need to instill responsibility with, like Motherhood as I am now a mother to a very active five year old.

My son loves my playfulness of course, because I absolutely adore kids and playing them, it’s only natural ❤  I am so happy-so proud to be his Mom.  Whether or not a dad is or isn't in the picture, I am all he needs.  And I see it every time he cries for me when I have a need to go somewhere important without the presence of an energetic toddler.  This will become a bigger issue as he is about to take an adventure in going to Kindergarten this coming September.  This will be an adventure that I hope he and I can both survive because, we both suffer from separation anxiety as well as social anxiety.  This will be a sad and exciting time, which I hope to be able to put into word and blog about it 🙂

Until next week!  Stay awesome everyone ❤