“Our Family’s Christmas History”

When Christmas was coming to an end, that was when I realized that not only was I going into the new year one year older, but my son would soon be one year older too.


“Do you wanna build a snow man?” 🙂

As the clock strikes the 11th hour on December 24th, I looked through my house to see that all was quiet. Very much like that book, Good Night Moon, which my son and I adore!

My family never had the luxury to entertain Christmas celebration. I remembered that, I learned about Santa Clause just as fast as I learned that he didn’t exist. My dad worked two jobs to support us. He would come home in the morning in time for breakfast and then leave to his second job and wouldn’t come home until 5:00-6:00 at night. I hated Christmas for a long time.

It wasn’t until we moved from California to Seattle that we were finally able to, breathe, in a way.  Not only was it a new scenery, it was such a big change that it did force us to be more forgiving and open to new things to occur.  I had trouble finding a job of course, because I didn’t have any job background in Seattle.  In California I worked two part time jobs; one after the other after I graduated from High School.  I experimented with College but, I found that it wasn’t for me at that time.  Starting fresh in a new State, in a new City is always challenging. And we had our ups and downs; and didn’t see eye-to-eye dozens of times.  I decided to go to school for Medical Assisting, and from there my life was changed.  I paid off debts and was able to afford to buy things I always wanted but never had the chance to even hold as my own. Six years later, I gave birth to my son.  His dad didn’t stay in our life but, that was a blessing in disguise because had he stayed, it would change our life for the worse.  After my son turned two, I decided that it was time to make even bigger changes. He will be able to enjoy the  Christmas I never had the chance to enjoy.

Eight years after moving to Seattle, we celebrate our first Christmas as a family.  I remember going into the nearby Target and bought my first 4 foot false tree and then looking for ornaments and decorations from there and at the Dollar Tree 10 minutes away; Found eye-catching present wrappings, ribbons, tags and tassels-then picking out each present for every family member with care-it was the best Christmas I ever had. I wanted everything to be perfect.  I can still remember the first time my son saw the lights on the tree, and helped me to hang our first ornaments that day.

My biggest reward, was in seeing how happy and cheerful my family was and that I was able to see it with my own eye’s.  I decided that, every year no matter what happens, I would let nothing stop me from giving my family the Christmas we deserved.

My family are of Cambodian descent and our Motherland is Cambodia in Southeast Asia.  We came to the US in 1985.  Christmas, wasn’t a tradition that was passed to us.  We had only survived a genocide some 10 years before I was born-though my parents, grand-parents and great-grand-grandparents and aunts and uncles all lived through that horrendous time.  I will dedicate a full post about this some other time, to avert from ruining my cheerful mood.

The 2016 Christmas year has not been great, but it has not been too terrible. My family are all together and we are closer than before.

Entering into 2017 with a fresh mind.  I will strive to be even better than I was last year.  My son will be my motivation through and through for sure.  Like the flower in our yard that still blooms though covered in snow ❤