” Let It Snow “

So unsurprisingly, though it’s February, it’s snowing here in Seattle 🙂
The month of February celebrates lots of special days, like Valentines Day, National Womens Wear Red Day and it’s also Black History Month. February is a pretty special month. When I was living in California as a child, February was like every other February, with the exception of not snowing. When my family and I went on a road trip to Reno Nevada one winter season, we were surprised when it started snowing flakes on the highway. That was probably my first interaction with snow-maybe first witness of snow ever. We only had enough to make two to three snowballs though, but this introduction that the weather gave to me was enough. It would be over three decades later until I was introduced to the power and dangers of snow.

The year was 2006 and my family and I moved to Washington only two months earlier. We met with our first snow storm that month. It was later reported that hundreds of residents have lost power due to the snow storm and many cars were abandoned on roads and highways. I was lucky that I didn’t get stuck out in that storm during those days-however, I did come close to it about five years later during another snow storm. I remembered driving home after work in the speed of 5 miles per hour because the highway was so slick with ice. I drove my friend back to her home first which took over an hour from work, in what was usually a thirty minute drive. Though she did insisted that I stayed the night because of the road danger currently going on, I felt that I would be able to make the 10 mile drive. I made it of course, though not without hazards in the road. I accidentally ran over a small diver in the road with my old Mercury Villager van and damaged the oil tank or whatever its called. I was also pretty pregnant at the time.

It’s 2017 now, and even though it’s an event from times past, I still remember it to this day and learn so many things from it. Like learning to be prepared for inclement weather. I bought and studied emergency event guidebooks and took so much notes of everything that we experienced, as well as other useful information of course. Today, the snow covered over four inches.  It’s become a thing of nostalgia to me now 🙂


I am actually feeling like getting back into the kitchen to do more baking and cooking again.  I’ve had to stop for a while now because of work, but my mom does most of the cooking anyway.  I’ve been looking at some recipes that look fun.  Baking definitely has made a come back.  I think that washing dishes, cooking and cleaning is more therapeutic in my case.  It’s almost zen-like.

I baked and frosted this by myself after watching a few youtube tutorials.  Absolutely fun and amazing techniques!  My son helped me to sprinkle those rainbow sharks if you can tell.  I think that the fun part of baking or cooking.  Decorating.  Which is also a zen practice I guess.

Learning to organize my life and everything in it, really helps to put certain things into better perspective.  I felt like my life before was a bit off-sorts for sure.  Becoming a mom really changes you too.  My son turned five the previous month and I’m finding myself more worried about his future than my own.  So getting my life organized and sort out priorities will really help me to stay on top of things while raising him.  He will soon know what school-life is like and I may become the soccer mom I was once scared of becoming.  I’ve come to terms with that though because now, I see so many soccer mom out there really killing it.  They know how to multitask like a secretary and definitely know which tasks to tackle first.  I am proud to call myself a mom because of this 🙂

Valentines Day will be next week.  I wish all you lovely people a very happy valentines day! 🙂 ❤



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