“Happy Valentines Day”

Happy Valentines Day everyone 🙂  Today is the special day for those who are attached and possibly with their life partner.  Today, I celebrate with my mom and two grandmothers.  I went out and had a very lovely day with my son and we shopped and enjoyed the weather.  Hopefully when summer comes around we will be able to enjoy the outside weather more.  I love flowers very much.  They are probably one of a few things that will always cheer me up.

There was a time when I was in elementary school, when my fourth grade teacher said that she loved flowers too.  I remembered playing in the school sports field and plucked little clover flowers that littered the green, everywhere, and I made little flower crowns for my teacher.  I only managed to make a bracelet at the time though.  When I presented them to her, she said that they were lovely, but that she had allergies to them.  I wasn’t quite sure exactly why, but I felt disappointed that she didn’t accept them.  I didn’t cry or anything, but I did felt like all the work I put into making it went for nothing.  Later in the years, I realized that certain people had allergies to flowers! Who knew 🙂

Safeway always has the freshes flowers, in my opinion 🙂  I wish I could get fresh flowers everyday, but they can be tough on my funds sometimes.  It’s best to enjoy them every now and then anyway.


I had fun today going to Safeway and Target with my son to buy these flowers and balloons and gifts.  It’s a hobby now for me, to put small things together to make one big gift, like a gift baster full of all sorts of goodies! 🙂

Here my son is rushing off to give the first bouquet to my grandmother, his great grandmother 🙂



And here is the final product 🙂


So since we moved to Seattle, I have made a habit of buying flowers for my mom and grandmothers because when we lived in California, I didn’t have the budget even to do so.  Here, I’ve grown up, have a job, make money enough to buy these simple yet always beautiful and sentimental things.  It isn’t materialistic if it receives a smile from the other end.

I have always enjoyed arranging flowers.  I think it was in Junior High school that I learned that the Japanese have something called Ikebana, which is the Art of Flower Arrangement.  I have always wanted to open a flower shop somewhere and sell beautiful flowers that I grow myself, unfortunately I so not possess a green-thumb like my mom.  I am waiting for spring to come around to plan on planting flowers and some vegetables as well.

Whether you have a partner or not, I hope that you will enjoy a  peaceful day and night.  I know I have.  Currently I am at home, listening to my son humming the songs from the Super Mario games that we play together.  My family are beginning to turn off their lights and head off to bed.  I wish I could give flowers to everyone!  Good night! 🙂


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