“Life’s Journey”


January 15th, World Religion Day.  I didn’t really see this being celebrated.  I think it should be.  I remember a time in elementary and High School, I came from Oakland California, where we celebrated Multi-cultural week.  Is this still a thing?  I hope so.  Cultural awareness and acknowledgement is such an amazing thing.  I hope the kids who are growing up in this more modern time than my own, will have the chance to celebrate something so special.

If you walk out to the side-walk of your home or apartment, look to your left and then your right, chances are that there is over a dozen individuals of different nationalities in both direction.  That is how diverse our country is.  Now that we are post Presidential Election, some of us still unwilling to accept the fact what the end result was-ME TOO-we should reach out to our neighbors even more because, there is nothing scarier than feeling like you or your child is being glared at through drawn shades and door peek-a-boos (I don’t know what the name of that thing is.) No one should be staring at an innocent child with hateful, horrible thoughts.


Coming to the subject of children, I have just recently enrolled my son for Kindergarten at the nearby elementary school and I am dreading the first day of school.  I think it’s because of my own personal experience on my first day of course.  My mom confirms, I cried throughout my first week, and needed milk to be delivered-I was super spoiled apparently.  Now, with Aaron taking after me so much, I have rightful concerns that he will go through the same separation anxiety that I went through.  How am I going to cope with letting go-granted, this isn’t the big letting go, where he marries and possibly moves very far away, I still have that separation anxiety because I KNOW what it felt like to fear being abandoned.  I did my best to introduce Aaron to the school and toured around with him as much as possible.


My little cousin, who is currently in 5h grade goes to the same school and he is also helping Aaron to see what going to school looks like. I also have until the start of school to teach him that toilets are okay and it’s okay to POO in it.  He is potty trained for urinating, but when having a bowel movement, it is still scary for him to sit down. How do I help him to get over this fear? I don’t even remember how I got over mine!  We will, of course, eventually move past this one troublesome growing pain.

I had to hand-write a hardship letter to the district, asking them to change my son’s school district to the one nearest to us because while I am working, my parents would be able to pick him up.  I wonder if my parents had to do the same thing for me because my school was just 2-3 blocks away.  Hmm…  I guess once Aaron gets use to everything, he will eventually make lots of friends and probably prefer their presence than mine some day, so I guess I should value our time together even more.  It’s scientifically proven that children cannot have “sugar high” and can’t be “spoiled”, this I learned from watching an episode of SciShow on youtube 🙂  So giving him candy is okay, as long as I warn him about cavities and buying toys is also okay, as long as he doesn’t have more than he should.  We already make regular trips to GoodWill to donate his old toys and ones he rarely plays with anymore.  I hope this type of charity work, giving back to the community, will help grow and instill a sense of humility, respect and intelligence in him and he can benefit from this experience.


Growing up in Oakland California, a multi-cultural city where world religions are celebrated in almost all the schools, I learned from an early age that respect for people of different ethnic background than my own, means helping them to also understand my own culture and respecting us as well.  Win/Win.  I learned that many minority groups, had to FIGHT for their own existence.  Human Rights for certain individuals was harder to attain for some reason.  This was a thing that happened decades before I was born so I wasn’t fully aware of it until learning Social Studies in Middle School.  So, when Barack Obama was elected to become the 44th President of the United States, I really thought that the road to racial equality had a BIG chance of becoming reality.  So some things happened, which I can’t get into at the moment, but I’m certainly all you smart people understand what I mean-or if not, please put Google or local Library to good use and catch up to the current events.


I don’t want to forget everything I learned about Slavery, Immigration, Refugee’s-none of that.  And I want my son to grow up to have a sense of Righteous sensibility, and humility in knowing that he is neither above or below any individual-that we are ALL EQUAL.  I hope the school he will attend, will be the kind of school that motivates and inspires the new generation of fresh brains to do more good and clear a path to equality. Our future generations depend on it.


My Paternal grandmother was hospitalized since Thursday, January 19th and was only discharged and able to return home today, January 22nd.  This isn’t the first time she was hospitalized, but even so each time, my heart races and hands and feet shake.  Calling 911 and speaking to the Operator to request for an ambulance seem to get somewhat easier each time, but it never is relieving to know that we DON’T know what will happen next.  I’ve come to accept that we are all mortals, and all mortals eventually succumb to an expiration date.  My grandma is 83 years old now.  She has been through a lot and seen a lot with her aged and experienced eye’s and mind. I have 2 grandma’s actually.  My Maternal and my Paternal grandmothers, and I love them both equally.

My dad use to tell us that his biological father had abandoned him and his mother when he was about the same age as my son-or maybe a little younger.  I don’t know who my grandfather is, but I never wanted to find out after knowing that he put my dad and grandma through so much.  There is nothing as low as a man who willfully and knowingly abandons his family.  My grandma did her best these past few days to get better and improve in her health.  Every time I went to visit her with my son, her eye’s light up and tears up, probably thinking that she would only see him for a short while longer.  When you decide to work as a Medical Assistant, you first and foremost must have empathy and compassion.  This allows you somehow feel an inkling of what the patient feels or thinks to a certain degree.  And I have taken care of enough elderly patients to see and feel what they have been through.  I do my best to push aside the knowledge that we can only expect to have my grandma for as long as her health allows.


The world we’re in right now where both elderly and young are abused to what levels of horrors I could only imagine.  Working as a Medical Assistant for over 6 years now gave me an opportunity to get to know both of these aged groups in a special, personal way.  I talk to them.  I care for them.  I mourn for their loss.  I am human.  And I am mortal.  Some day, in the far distant future after my children are all married and moved away, I will eventually lay down to sleep for the last time before being called to go on a journey that takes place in an amazing new dimension. But, right now, I am still enjoying the occupation of Medical Assistant, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Niece, Cousin and Granddaughter.  I will live through each and every day, taking on every new journey that presents itself.

For “Living” is the ultimate contrast of “Death” that is why we appreciate ‘Life’-or SHOULD appreciate LIFE in all it’s entirety.


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