“The Lost Inspiration”

There was a time when I remembered staying up past 3AM working on my High School Senior Project.  Then there were other times when I remembered just staying up for the heck of it.  This was a time when my imagination were filled with ideas for my own created book.  This, from years of reading Manga (Japanese comics).


(Inspired by the Martial Arts concept of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fighting Style.  The Dragon was drawn separately.)


That messy looking bookshelf?  Yes.  It’s mine.  And it’s in need of space.  I started collecting all these comic books since I was in Middle School.  I did sell most of them to second hand book stores, but there’s still a lot.  And maybe more to come.  (The shelf looks like this because I was in the middle of spring cleaning.)  This was where all my ideas ‘Sprout’ from.  I learned from many different Manga-ka (Manga Artist/Author) and use to be so inspired by them.  My head was so full of ideas that I didn’t know what to do with them.  Even writing them down wasn’t fast enough!

After graduating HS, I started writing independently.  I figured, just because I’m not in class anymore, why is it that I don’t have to write anything.  My Senior Project was Aced and my art skills enhanced significantly.


(“Zenith Cross” Story/Art by Vannary Sea)

For a change in scenery, my family and I moved to Seattle Washington.  I initially thought of enrolling in the Seattle Academy of Art Institute but, plans changed.  It’s funny how life can affect a person so much.  L.I.F.E.  Just 4 words but BIGGER than anything.  A life event can alter a person’s Inspiration, Motivation, and Will.  In my case, 5 years of my life was wasted in drama and my inspiration seemed to have drowned all together.  I didn’t want to do anything anymore.  Just look at this:


(Zenith Cross, Student Courses in Detail and by Link ranks of Academic Class)

I, somehow, had an idea so great that I made a fictional class schedule for a fictional school for a fictional…fiction!  I left these papers alone for so long I could barely remember what I meant to do with them.  I was only fortunate that I didn’t throw them away.  My Dad taught me that some papers are precious and need conservation.  I guess I’m like him that way.  And, luckily, I did keep them.  Along with chapter summaries that I wrote to remind myself for what to do for each one.   And all the original manuscript pages were kept together neatly for me to find again.


I think that, because I learned to keep things together, psychological sense that is, I learned to treasure things and log them away for safety.  I’m making myself sound like a serial Hoarder…not entirely UN-true, but when it comes to the important things, my Conscience plays a big role, even when I doubt my Gut feeling sometimes. I’m re-learning again, slowly, what it was like to stay up past 2 AM, writing/typing.  Words are important.  And so are Art work.14051574_493216404221243_7572068338304232644_n

Our imagination has no limits.  And we should cherish ALL the things that make us who we are ❤ 🙂


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