8/28/17- TWITCH, Here I come!

I know I will be making a lot of mistakes along the way as well but, I am adamant in my plans.  This will be a pretty big step for me to take in getting out of my comfort zone and comfortable with my own nerdy way of life.


I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember.  Nowadays, with Youtube and Twitch nearly everyone can play games while streaming them LIVE.  And that’s such an awesome and exciting turn for the industry.  I have friends and know of people who are doing this and recently wondered if I am able to do it myself.  I’m not too sure about the making money part because I know that most off these streamers do make money-and this is by doing something they love!  It’s an amazing way to connect with other people who have the same hobby and love for video games as you do, and make money along the way.  I think I’ll start off just learning my way around streaming first hahaha.  I’d love to make money too, but people aren’t going to want to watch a newbie who doesn’t know their way around.  Or they might, who knows 🙂

This month alone there will be 2 pretty important events occurring-not including the “Great American Eclipse”.  My son will start his first day of Kindergarten (of school, period) and I have set a schedule to begin my first Twitch stream as well.  Yaaaay…nervousness.  Both events I’ll be a nervous wreck.  My son, like me, love video games-especially Super Mario Bros.



His love for the franchise is all thanks to me, of course 🙂 While some parents feel that video games are an unhealthy pass-time for children, I do disagree.  I found that, in my own case, video games have been a wonderful learning tool in developing my own personal up-bringing as well as acting as an escape during my days in school that were tough to bear.  Bullies in school made going to school tough for me.  It was hard to tell my parents because I didn’t want them to think I’m too scared to face them.  I couldn’t tell my teachers because they would think I don’t know how to stand up for myself-which is basically the same thing as my reason for not telling my parents.  While I suffered in school, coming home to my little brother and both of us play Super Mario Bros really aided me in the form of a venting/steam releasing device.  I would have loved to stay home instead of going to school everyday to see the faces of those bullies.  My first bully took the face of Snow White and my own bullied life in that time could be played out by Michelle Trachtenberg in that movie Harriet the Spy.  All of my 2nd grade classmates turned on me.  Each of them searched for me through out recess and lunch time to throw rocks and sticks at me, calling me dumb, stinky or stupid.  It. Was. HELL.  Now, in these times, there’s news about a kid committing suicide every other week because of bullying.  It makes me so sad that bullying has grown so rampant in America.  In fact, I don’t know what it’s like in other countries so I can’t compare.  Looking back in the past 2 weeks, I’m sure you can recall some kind of news involving suicide.  It’s a sad and tragic thing.

I’m 33 now and even though I know to stand up for myself against bullies, I can still say it exists in other places besides school.  Which is why video games has always been and will continue to be one of my favorite escapes. It helps me to understand sadness; put my words into meaning instead of keeping them clammed in my throat and it also teaches me compassion.



Now that I have introduced myself to the world of Youtube and Twitch, I have also regained my love for the video game entertainment franchise.  There was a 5 year long hiatus from video games due to my attempt to ‘grow up’ because way too many people kept insulting my love for them and called me ‘immature’ and stop ‘acting like a kid’ and act my age.  Needless to say, those 5 years were pretty much lived under large amounts of stress, burdened by a heavy load on my shoulders and chest and health risks which probably wouldn’t exist if I didn’t toss my only form of ‘stress venting’ device to the curb like it was trash.  I hated that it made me feel like I was abandoning a part of me that I loved, so that I could pretend to be someone that everyone else can love.  I HATED IT.

Watching people stream on Twitch and sometimes on Youtube really inspired me.  They all are doing something they love and have confidence in themselves.  The communities that video gaming industry has created is one full of confident young adults and older adults and nurturing their skills they’ve gained in these games by way of logic/strategic/calculating skills and building compassion and companionship with the A.I’s made-up history as well as when they team up with other players via multiplayer mode on certain games.  I am so impressed by all of them.



Now that I am preparing to start my own Twitch channel and stream as well, I feel a mixture of confidence and nervousness.  I know I will be making a lot of mistakes along the way as well but, I am adamant in my plans.  This will be a pretty big step for me to take in getting out of my comfort zone and getting comfortable with my own nerdy way of life. My son seems to like it 🙂

I am planning to Livestream my first game playthrough on August 28th, 2017.  Still deciding on the best time of day to do it, but..we’ll see.  If you’re interested to find out if I make a fool of myself, or want to help me through my journey, feel free to stop by that day and give me a shout out.  You’ll find me as Athenaxsea on Twitch as well as on my Youtube channel too.  (There’s is nothing big going on with those channels at this time though haha).




So thank you, to all those wonderful Game development companies, especially Nintendo, Sega, Square, Rareware, and many more.  My generation exists within the legacy of  greatness through their genius minds, engineering, computer science intellects and story-telling. And I am a better person because of them.  Thank you Fusajiro Yamauchi(RIP), Hiroshi Yamauchi(RIP), Satoru Iwata(RIP), Shigeru Miyamoto and so many others involved in making all my favorite games.



It will be my continued pleasure, to help my son nurture the love for video games as I do 🙂