“Video-game Connoisseur”

Gone are the days of where just having a passion for video-games could get you job. Nowadays, you need some kind of degree like Computer Science or Technology or Engineering, etc. Something Computer-ish (Not an actual word, but I don’t care).


I’m not going to call myself a video-game connoisseur but, I do collect them and I definitely enjoy learning about the history.  Art and History were two of my favorite subjects in High School, after all.  There was a time when I really wanted to work within the video-game industry but I didn’t know where to even start.  All I knew was drawing and that the best I could do was character design if I ever shot for that type of job at all.

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I had a thought recently, that I’ve been working non-stop for far too long and being too selfless with my own dreams.  It was time to try to make my dreams come true and focus on myself more, though of course my family is still my top priority.  My new journey will still keep my family’s best interest, but also give me the freedom I need to take a step forward to making my dream job come true.  If I could get paid to sleep, I would be a billionaire by now but, since there is no such job like that- (why???)  I opted to have my second dream come true.  I wanted to play video-games for a living  🙂  Or at least work within the industry.  To do so, I could become a video-game tester or Quality Assurance Tester.  Some places don’t require degrees for these jobs, but some are just a bit too picky.  Gone are the days of where just having a passion for video-games could get you job.  Nowadays, you need some kind of degree like Computer Science or Technology or Engineering, etc.  Something Computer-ish (Not an actual word, but I don’t care).

I use to draw my own characters and come up with a background story for them-but my parents didn’t appreciate that I used red crayons to draw on the wall anymore.  I did better in High School of course after learning to use pencils and markers the right way 🙂  My imagination was at it’s peak during High School where I was around other like-minded students, some of whom were a year behind me.  I still want to narrow down which direction to take right now because I like designing characters and stories, but also playing games and writing about them.  I wish there was some kind of test I could take to help me pick a direction.

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Introducing myself to other consoles and different types of games is a hobby now.  I like learning about new games and the history behind their creation.  It gives me a kind of reassurance that this is the right direction.  After all, playing video games, along with reading comic books and watching cartoons is what inspired me to start writing.  I blog, I write science-fiction as well as help people with resume’s, school essays, and cover letters from time to time.



While the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was my first console, I do consider myself more of a Playstation person; this is the comparison equal to that of a dog lover vs cat lover version.  I have love for both consoles of course, but my loyalty lies with Playstation.  I think the main reason is because I follow my favorite RPG franchise, Final Fantasy.  FF use to be Published by Nintendo, until the debut of Final Fantasy 7 which came through SONY Playstation.  There is a Huuuuuuuge history behind this and I hope you readers already know about it. Spanning from the creation of Nintendo and Fusajiro Yamauchi to Square with Hironobu Sakaguchi. If not, please  youtube them.  I wish I could give you the links to my favorite video-game youtubers but I haven’t gotten their permission yet.

I’m so interested in the history of games, I’ve finally picked up a copy of Console Wars by Blake J. Harris and Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan. Alas, I am slow to catch on because these books have been out for a long while.  Hopefully I can write a short review about them once I’m done 🙂  Please look forward to it!

Happy Gaming! 🙂


Author: Vannary

I am a blogger, Poet, Online videogame streamer and Medical Assistant. I stream mainly on Twitch.tv and upload my videos to my Youtube channel. You can follow me to receive notifications of new blogs. Find me on Twitter at @VanAthenaSea Twitch www.twitch.tv/athenaxsea

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