“The Power of Makeup”

Be that nice stranger that can tell someone that they look beautiful with or without makeup-just try not to be creepy about it hahaha


If you were a close friend of mine, you would know that between elementary through college, I was never a makeup girl 🙂  Not that I rail against the makeup industry or anything but I just didn’t know how to wear them.  Compared to a decade ago, makeup seems to have risen to a whole new level.  So many brushes, powders, highlighters, etc.

I remember  seeing so many girls my age and younger, wearing their makeups beautifully.  Their faces were like a canvas mixed with the most precise and beautiful paints.  I’d wonder how the heck they did that?  I come from a pretty traditional family, so for me to even think of wearing makeup in High School would still be frowned upon by my parents and possibly other adults in our Cambodian society.

My first time wearing makeup was right after I turned 23 years old.  I don’t know why I chose that date but, just roll with it okay?  Before makeup became a thing in my life, I use to be very passive about makeup.  I don’t know what eyeliners were, or eye shadows, concealers, blush-none of that.  And even when I did started wearing makeup, it was just simple black eyeliner and nude shadow on my lids with a cherry lip balm.  That probably doesn’t count as makeup to some hahaha  I started wearing it after I started going out on my first date-Yes, I went on my first date at 23!  Let’s get on with this.

Fast forward to 10 years after my 23rd birthday, I’m now more aware and knowledgeable about how to wear makeups.  Also, thank you YOUTUBE.  Ever since Youtube made a debut on the internet, I never thought how big in the industry it would become but also, the contributions it made to educational videos, PSA’s, How-to videos and online videogame streams- I LOVE videogames and would gladly sit and binge watch 9 hours if I feel like it 🙂 It also has the negative affect when it comes to people sharing videos of violent and bloody fights, arguments, physical abuse of seniors and infants–I cannot get into this because I burn with rage and can’t do anything else but curse those evil human beings who commit those evil deeds–

photo 1 (3)

Here I am without makeup, though I do have on moisturizer because heck, my skin gets extremely dry in the cold season 🙂  I have to say that my complexion has improved over the winter though, simply because I am now just getting the hang of using a moisturizer at all.  My face is either super dry or super greasy depending on the weather. I was never much of a moisturizer user either haha

Here I am with a full face of makeup.  My preferred style is mostly nude, but I am now becoming good at doing mauve makeup, as well as spring and summer inspired makeup.  Makeup really is an art. I can see how it can take a makeup artist years to become a great and famous makeup artist.

Many of our famous celebrities have been shown in magazines, many of the time with makeup but rarely do we see a picture of a celebrity without-which is why, when we DO witness a picture or video showing a famous celebrity, we are more surprised.  I’m not sure why but, the best I can surmise is that somehow NOT wearing-makeup, seems to be taboo in the minds of certain individuals.  It’s sad that this is the kind of world we are living in.  Of course it’s what’s to be expected when everytime there is a commercial on television, there’s a beautiful girl in makeup from head-to-toe, advertising a certain beauty product.  As well as in magazines and weekly coupons.  I have sifted through grocery coupons every week to find that, more than 80% of them are for beauty products and what grocery item coupon is left, is not usually something that’s on our shopping list to buy for making lunch or dinner.  I would love to see more coupons advertising more food products than beauty products because I firmly believe that there are other people like me, who would appreciate a good coupon on a bag of carrots, celery, lettuce or fruits.  Now, again, I am not railing against the makeup industry, I am a consumer after all.  But if we become a society where looking good is overtaking being fed, we’ll eventually submit ourselves into voluntary man-made famine…in a country where we can supposedly end world hunger with the amount of money we make without having a proper universal law for Maternity/Paternity-Leave-where, in other countries this law is upheld and very much appreciated by the working class.

So let’s just say we’ll close this blog with some Positivity 🙂  Be that nice stranger that can tell someone that they look beautiful with or without makeup-just try not to be creepy about it hahaha

Author: Vannary

I am a blogger, Poet, Online videogame streamer and Medical Assistant. I stream mainly on Twitch.tv and upload my videos to my Youtube channel. You can follow me to receive notifications of new blogs. Find me on Twitter at @VanAthenaSea Twitch www.twitch.tv/athenaxsea

2 thoughts on ““The Power of Makeup””

  1. My mindset is that everyone is beautiful in their own way. No matter what, there will be people who like the way you look and some people who don’t.That’s ultimately because people have their own preferences of beauty. So be confident in yourself because no matter what there is only one you. There will be plenty of people who will be able to love you as you are. If you do wanna change something let it be because the priority is on you and not because of other people. 🙂

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    1. That is exactly the message that needs to be more widespread in the immense world of social media. Hopefully young and impressionable girls who read my blog will come to understand what I am trying to convey–as well as figure out why there are more beauty product coupons in their mailbox rather than actual coupons for groceries as I mentioned.


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