About a week ago I looked through one of my moving boxes that was still yet to be unpacked.  Opening it up to see the contents, I saw a few of my favorite things.  Videogames.

photo 1

I have to say, the past decade has been amazing for videogames, no matter which console.  Videogames are in a good place 🙂  My personality and way-of-life are all thanks to Videogames in fact.  What creativity and imagination I have now is all thanks to my introduction to videogames back when I was still in 5th grade.  By that time, I had already played Super Mario Bros-perhaps you’ve heard of it.

My favorite genre of videogames, RPG’s or Role Playing Games are videogames where the player is controlling the protagonist who is always set to explore the world to do something-or-other that prevents the end of the world or that start of a war.  You know, Lord of The Rings type of stuff.  My first RPG game was called Final Fantasy Mystic Quest-which is the franchise that would be my all-time favorite.

photo 2

FF: Mystic Quest was a videogame for the Super NES console.  The console which I spent hours and hours later playing Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Killer Instincts and much more.  There are many individuals who say that, playing videogames is immature, unprofessional or that it enables kids to re-enact the violence they see in certain games.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course and it did surprise me to hear about certain incidences involving game violence and how the ESRB rating was created.   Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

photo 1 (2)

I played videogames with my little brother and and uncle, who is actually 4 years older than me-he is the one who really introduced us to games, so I do have to thank him.  It’s such a fun past-time for me because I had no other outlet to expand my growing imagination.  My love for videogames lead to my artistic skills and love for reading comic books hahaha

I am now half way in the process of getting my first book published. A book heavily influenced by videogame adventures style, manga art style and the storytelling style of a videogame director.

I would love to continue to have this kind of inspiration and influence in my life.  I have more games hidden in boxes somewhere and will hopefully rediscover them again soon 🙂


Author: Vannary

I am a blogger, Poet, Online videogame streamer and Medical Assistant. I stream mainly on Twitch.tv and upload my videos to my Youtube channel. You can follow me to receive notifications of new blogs. Find me on Twitter at @VanAthenaSea Twitch www.twitch.tv/athenaxsea

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